Bigger on the Inside

by Jasper Synth

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released November 23, 2013




Jasper Synth

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Track Name: Forest Rain - Bad Wolf (Jasper Synth Remix)
Time runs circles 'round us all
It lifts us up and lets us fall
With every beat we move along
Sync up our hearts to another song

Life flows like a stream
Heartbeats tick the time away

We fight the minutes passing
A fight that's everlasting
Every tomorrow becomes today
We always look back upon
The battles we never won
But refuse to say time's had it's way
No not today! No not today!

Remember back to long ago
We traded seeds that we could sow
And all the things we have today
Are thanks to souls from far away

Life flows like a stream
Heartbeats tick the time away
Track Name: Aviators - The Last Page (Jasper Synth Remix)
Remember the days
When we used to be
An unstoppable pair
Or so it would seem
You were the world to me
The universe in our hands
All of time to kill
We'd win our wars
We'd have our thrills
There's so much I wanted you to see

Farewell, we've made it so far
You've got to leave, and it's breaking my heart
After all we've been through
I never thought I'd say goodbye to you
If our story has come to an end
I hope you'll remember me as your friend
I never wanted things to change
But here we are on the last page

Adventures we had
Memories we shared
How I would protect you when you were scared
I'd do anything for you
Wondering why
This has to be
The end of the story of you and me
I don't want to face the truth

If this can't last forever
If we can't be together
I promise I'll never forget you
The way we owned the skies
The way we ruled all of time
If only we could live like we used to
Track Name: I am Human
I never thought I’d be trapped in this place
It’s awful lonely, but I’m feeling okay
I just wish that I could see my mom and say
That I am fine

You crash down from the sky
You tell me its all is a lie
But I am human

Who would of thought that we’d meet up here
With no where to run and everything to fear
A little closer. You are oh so near
Then I am free

You crash down from the sky
You tell me its all is a lie
But I am human

Just run you clever boy
I now can see
Remember what we did
You set me free
I may seem dead outside
But I feel still alive
My only dying wish
For you to remember me

Cause I am human
Track Name: Danger in His Life
Why do I feel like I’ve been lost
Me living here has been the cost
Of living a life with you
I’ll lose someone and lose her too
I never thought that I’d be crossed.

I close my eyes and go to sleep
And become someone whose just mystique
A man whose never stopped running
In his life, in his life
I dream about him every night
Impossible things, amazing sights
Mysterious one with danger in his life
Danger in his life

What do these creatures want with me?
They seem to think that I’m their key
And now I’m here and stuck with you
You’re telling me these dreams are true
Speaking to me when I’m asleep

Why do you think
I’d die here, for you
Is he really worth
My life to, be through
I cant see, why I should be
Can’t you just believe, I want to be more free
Track Name: Made Supreme
Don’t run away
He’s coming here now. We have to stay
We can’t just hide in fright
He’s nothing to us. We’ll win the fight.
He’ll never stop us.
Our time has come.

Now, I never fear
But the predator’s near
And now I’m scared
And something rocking me inside
Still we were made supreme
The Doctor’s coming
And I can see
This time we will end his life

Is awaiting the one to exterminate him
He’s just a man who runs away
Don’t let the fear in. You’ll be all right
He has no weapons.
He’ll never win.
Track Name: Farewell
So there you were, standing in that room.
Raggedy man, taking it over soon
Finding a way to get us to love you
And now you’re here ready to leave us too

And where’d the time go, watching you play?
Saving the world and now its time to say

Remember the fez, bow tie and Stetson
We laughed so hard. You were so goofy then.
You touched my heart, a way that I can’t explain
And now its over, you were as great as ten

And where’d the time go, watching you play?
Saving the world and now its time to say